Austin Linen Service and Free Prizes

Austin Linen Service and Free Prizes | by AJ Durtschi

I remember when the best thing about a box of cereal was the free prize inside. It was the free prize that made the cereal irresistible.

Those were the days!

Today, we live in a time where our smartphones entertain us.

Our attention spans are shorter.

It’s easier to ignore and discard the messages we don’t want.

It has changed marketing forever.

Today we want something irresistible.


New and refreshing.

We want a FREE PRIZE.

The free prize isn’t a gimmick like what we got in the cereal box. It’s game-changing innovation; it’s a fresh twist that transforms the way people feel and think about our service.

The free prize has two characteristics:

First, it’s the thing about your business that’s worth remarking on, something worth seeking out and buying. It’s about being remarkable.

Second, the free prize is not about what a person needs. Instead, it satisfies your wants. It’s engaging, fun, surprising, and delightful. It rarely delivers more of what we were already buying, but it provides that extra touch.

I’ve learned the only way to stand out and command attention is to innovate and create something worth talking about that is remarkable. This is why we’ve been working hard at Austin Linen Service to be the leader in linen services. We are expanding and adding a whole line of state-of-the-art equipment to make your linen and laundry experience the best! We want to deliver that something extra, that free prize!

The future belongs to businesses, like Austin Linen Service who are remarkable.

Customers haven’t changed. They have always wanted more than they say they want and they know what matters.

What matters?

Service matters.
Quality matters.
Extras matter.
“WOW” matters. `
The free prize matters.

So how are innovating? Are you creating something remarkable?


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