Quality Linens, Towels, and Sleep

What’s trending today? Sleep. The trend in our interest in sleep has grown according to Google Trends by 68 percent over the last ten years. There is even a Ted Talk on how to succeed by getting more sleep as well as a New York Times best-selling book on, you guessed it, sleep. Sleep permeates […]

The “Coolest” Linens for Hot Austin Nights

In Austin, we feel the August heat. In fact, we will feel it through October. It’s not uncommon in August to begin counting the consecutive days where it’s 100 degrees or hotter. To cool things down and prevent sleepless nights due to the heat, following are some choices to help you keep your nights “cool” […]

Your Towels and Linens Are Part of the Experience

“If you are really building great things, then people ought to be benchmarking themselves against you.” — Peter Salvati What your towels and linens say about your business Today, customers take features and benefits, product quality, and a positive brand image as a given. What customers want is for you to dazzle their senses, touch […]

What Are The Best Massage Therapy Linens?

Searching for Comfort When considering the best linens for your massage therapy business, the massage table sheets play a critical role in the customer’s experience. Quality sheets not only assist with a great first impression, but they are essential to a good massage experience for your customer. Following are several factors to consider when choosing […]

A Towel and Linen Strategy That Saves You Money

When I stay at a hotel, when traveling I often find a notecard in the bathroom on the bathroom sink requesting that I be conscious of the environment by hanging used towels so that these towels will not be replaced by hotel staff, thereby saving water. I wondered does this work and if so what […]

Your Dirty Laundry

The scoop on dirty laundry It’s Summer, and the heat is on in Austin. Many people vacation this time of year, and many will make the trek to Disney World. As the owner of Austin Linen Service, I am always thinking what’s happening behind the scenes of a successful business. So how about Disney World? […]

Hospital Linens Are A Deadly Mess

Yes, if you’re like me you see them everywhere — medical technicians, nurses, and doctors in scrubs or lab coats. Heck, you even see them at Whole Foods where medical professionals are shopping in them. What you don’t see on these garments is the living, thriving bacteria that could kill you. Dirty scrubs spread bacteria […]

Your Gym’s Dirty Little Towel Secrets

Most gyms are crawling with germs. One study found that 75 percent of weight equipment was contaminated with cold-causing rhinoviruses, and even wiping surfaces down twice didn’t completely remove the germs. The truth is sniffles are the least of your worries according to Jack Foley, director of sports medicine at Lehigh University and coauthor of […]

Solutions To Medical Linen Loss

Medical linen loss in hospitals and medical facilities across Texas and the country is widespread and expensive. Nearly 90 percent of all linens used, like towels, scrubs, and blankets, don’t reach their economic life potential, thereby costing the healthcare industry more than $840 million a year. This phenomenon is called “linen loss.” Medical linens are […]

Choosing Cotton Towels

A quality towel feels soft and luxurious. At Austin Linen Service we are known as the experts around linens and towels. Following are a few tips on how to select the best cotton towels: Know the fabric quality Yes, we are talking about cotton towels, but there is a wide variation in quality. Egyptian cotton […]

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