Why A Linen Service is a Must for Your Hotel

There are certain aspects of a business, that when run successfully, aren’t even noticed by a customer. Hotels are no different. Sheets might be enjoyed for their cleanliness and comfort, but that’s expected. Towels are also expected to be fresh, pristine, and clean as the norm. Only when a rumpled sheet or stained towel makes […]

Looking Beyond the Linens

When your passion is evident through the service you provide, magic happens. At Austin Linen Service, we strive to go beyond the linens by sharing ideas and strategies that may be of help to our customers. It would be easy to only focus on our linens, but in doing so we would be ignoring what is important […]

What to Look For When Selecting Spa Linens

Spa linens differ slightly from the linens used in other industries in that they must look and feel extremely luxurious but must do so while having incredible durability. Any misjudgment in the quality of spa linens detracts from the relaxing experience of the guest, so it’s important to pay attention to both sides of the […]

The Importance of Hotel Linen Branding

If you’re in the hospitality business then linens mean a lot more to you than most any other industry. And like most products, your linens have a shelf life. Maintaining perfection in the quality of your linens is critical to maintaining your brand’s image. Choosing the Optimum Hotel Linens Purchasing the highest quality linens isn’t […]

Managing Linens for Your Medical Office

Linens in any field are mostly seen as little more than a commodity, with some businesses simply choosing the cheapest option and moving on. Customers pay attention to their comfort as well as the details though, and even the simplest of items in your office can have a resounding impact on your brand and business. […]

Choosing the Best Uniforms

Uniforms can say a lot about a business, and knowing what to look for when choosing your company uniforms, from material to design, is critical to making your business uniforms a positive addition to your brand. Comfort Affects Happiness Focusing on uniforms that promote your brand is great, but only after ensuring your material is […]

Picking the Right Linens for Your Wedding

It’s almost Spring, and with spring comes engagements, culminating in summer weddings and receptions. With so much to plan for and think about, it’s easy to just skip over something as basic as the linens. But if it’s to be your perfect day, you want all the details perfect, so why not start planning your […]

Business Excellence in Linens

What do your linens say about your business? We all know that bland is boring and only something that is remarkable, memorable, and superior can continue to sell year after year. When the small details are not attended to or done well, they are no longer just a small detail when your customers notice them. Small details […]

Branding Your Restaurant With Quality Linens

In any restaurant, the small details are those powerful driving forces behind the atmosphere of the establishment. Any number of things can be overlooked and detract from what could potentially be a vivacious and colorful restaurant. One such item that many overlook, at least partially, is the quality, style, and breadth of the restaurant linens. […]

Finding the Best Wedding Linens

It’s the middle of the summer wedding season and many couples and families are already preparing for fall weddings. Though there are many considerations that go into planning a wedding and reception, among the items that cannot be overlooked are the wedding linens for the reception, which include tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and overlays. Wedding […]