How Luxury Hotels and Spas See Towels

Let’s face it; we’re all consumers. What drives us, as consumers, to make the choices we do? What causes us to like one bath towel over another? According to Martin Lindstrom, author of Buy-ology, the reason we are drawn to a particular brand of clothing, a certain make of car, or a particular type of […]

The Austin Linen Service Strategic Plan

  Herb Kelleher founder of Southwest Airlines said, “We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things.” When you think about accomplishing really, really great things in your business, a strategy has consequences and affects outcomes. For example, Austin Linen Service has a bold strategy that we are implementing right now. Our plan involves a […]

Austin Linen Service Is About Creating Something New

At Austin Linen Service we are in the midst of significant improvements and renovations to serve our customers even better. Our idea is always to be on the cutting edge of technology and service. Being at the forefront and leading in the linen industry requires lots of ideas. But we all also know the maxim: […]

Happiness And Linens Matter

Is happiness such a big deal? Maybe it is. According to a recent study by the University of Warwick happiness and productivity are connected. In the laboratory, they found that happiness made people around 12 percent more productive. Companies like Google have invested heavily in employee support, and as a result employee satisfaction has risen. […]

Your Towels and Linens Are Part of the Experience

“If you are really building great things, then people ought to be benchmarking themselves against you.” — Peter Salvati What your towels and linens say about your business Today, customers take features and benefits, product quality, and a positive brand image as a given. What customers want is for you to dazzle their senses, touch […]

What Great Service and Retail Brands Do

Great service and retail brands don’t become great just by a snap of the fingers. Great brands sweat the small stuff with the goal of creating extraordinary experiences for their customers. This is something we work hard to do at Austin Linen Service. Such experiences don’t originate from just witty taglines or promotions. They come […]

Selling Plastic

A lot of businesses appear to be in the business of “selling plastic.” By that I mean they know the routine. They are good at playing their part, going through the motions, and doing what they think is just enough. They try to sell on promises and maybe a gimmick or two that on the surface […]

Customer Service Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Great customer service has everything to do with caring and providing value. The goal of customer service is ultimately about creating value to make a difference and solve a problem for your customer. Customer service begins with feeling. That’s what your customers ultimately see and feel — how much you care. In reality, customer service, […]

The Business of Caring

All business owners and entrepreneurs will tell you they care about their customer. This naturally leads to caring about the product or service offered and all of the steps in between. What most forget though, is to care about caring. A business’s focus is the rudder that steers the ship. A focus on product development […]

Do Your Customers Like You

  Are you someone people would want to do business with? Is your salon the kind of place where people want to spend time? Is your fitness center welcoming to everyone? Does your front desk let customers know you are glad to see them? The kind of business that people will gravitate to is one […]

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