10 Things You Should Know About Spa Linens

10 Things You Should Know About Spa Linens | Eric Austin

  1. You want sheets for your spa that are attractive, easy to care for, and most of all are soft and comfortable.
  2. Towels are part of the customer experience. Keep them fresh and new with high-quality cleaning.
  3. Avoid pilling.
  4. Know when you should replace your spa linens.
  5. It’s powerful to notice how your customers react to the linens.
  6. Know the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fiber in spa linens.
  7. Don’t purchase spa linens solely based on thread count.
  8. The goal with linens is to allow the sheets to breathe and air to flow. Heavy sheets keep air trapped in, leading to an uncomfortable hot bed. Sheets made up of natural fibers let air circulate and keep moisture from forming, thus preventing perspiration and an unpleasant experience.
  9. Consider tracking your linens with an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) microchip tag that is embedded or sewn into every sheet, towel, bathrobe, pillowcase, or other linens.
  10. Quality matters for your spa. The higher the cotton content, the better.

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