Written by AJ Durtschi

A Towel and Linen Strategy That Saves You Money

A Towel and Linen Strategy That Saves You Money | by AJ Durtschi

When I stay at a hotel, when traveling I often find a notecard in the bathroom on the bathroom sink requesting that I be conscious of the environment by hanging used towels so that these towels will not be replaced by hotel staff, thereby saving water. I wondered does this work and if so what impact does this have on the hotel’s bottom line and the environment.

I decided to do some investigating.

Do towel and linen reuse programs make a difference?

Well according to the Association for Linen Management, they estimate that hotels can save up to $6.50 a day per occupied room with a linen and towel reuse program. The actual money saved I’m sure would have to depend on local utility prices, the economic life remaining of linens and the type of professional linen service employed by the hotel (i.e. Austin Linen Service). In any case, I can see how the savings could add up quickly.

Assume a 200-room hotel with a 55 percent occupancy rate (quite low for any hotel in Austin) implements a linen and towel reuse program. At $6.50 per occupied room, that would be $260,975 saved per year. That’s the kind of savings that gets your attention not to mention other environmental considerations.

A sustainable linen strategy

The website Economically Sound estimates that a 150-room hotel can help conserve over 6,000 gallons water per month with a towel and linen reuse program.

Towel and linen reuse programs are simple steps to a sustainable linen strategy that makes sense to the hotel’s bottom line and a better healthier planet.

As consumers, many of these actions can be employed at home as well such as reusing towels, turning out lights when you leave the room and using more energy-efficient methods for cleaning. There are plenty of ways we can all think of to reduce our carbon footprint and make a sustainable and environmental impact in Austin and beyond.

Do you need a linen strategy?