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Austin Linen Service is Austin’s premier commercial laundry and linen service. We bring care and attention to the art of laundering for customers across Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Austin Linen Service | Austin's premier linen service

We also provide a rich collection of wholesale linen products for just about any occasion or work environment. Whether you own your own linens, or need us to provide them for you, we specialize in providing you with the linen service and products you need.

Austin Linen Service specializes in catering to businesses in the hotel, hospitality, spa, massage and fitness industries and more!

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Doris Liesenfelt, CEO, Owner

Doris Liesenfelt, CEO-Owner of Austin Linen Service“I have dreamed of owning my own business for a long time. My husband has always been my greatest supporter, and with his strong background in operations, we started thinking seriously about the kind of business we wanted to take on together. When our research led us to laundromats, something clicked, and we have been members of the Coin Laundry Association since 2013.

Like so many people we’ve met since moving to here to Austin in 2014, we were excited by Austin’s immense growth and knew this was where we wanted to set up shop. After a year of getting to know the city – including a deep, deep dive into the local food scene – we found the right opportunity and purchased Quik Wash Laundry in 2015. A year later, we expanded our operations to include Austin Linen Service. As Austin’s only woman-owned commercial laundry and linen service, we focus on great customer service and are increasing our capacity all of the time. We look forward to providing a wonderful experience for you and your business.”

AJ Durtschi, Business Manager

AJ Durtschi, Business Manager of Austin Linen ServiceAJ Durtschi and his wife Doris moved to Austin in 2014 from Southern California, where they had lived for 28 years. AJ has a broad background in management and business operations running large companies.

As a child, AJ knew he wanted to grow up and run a business. His desire for business started when he was four years old. As a young child, he became accustomed to getting up at 4:00 AM every morning and delivering milk with his father (see photo below). He watched and learned from his father how to care for customers and how to run a business.

Because of AJ’s extensive business knowledge and his wife’s networking and business expertise, they decided they wanted a new adventure in life and began exploring several viable business opportunities, one being commercial laundry and linen services.

After extensive research in logistics, business trends, environment, and potential growth, downtown Austin became the prime location for a commercial laundry service.

In 2015, AJ and his wife Doris, CEO of Austin Linen Service purchased Quik Wash Laundromat. The following year they secured a location, facilities, equipment, and a significant business deal and the new Austin Linen Service was born.

AJ says, “People do not realize it, but most commercial laundry is sent out to be cleaned in San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston and brought back to Austin.” Today Austin business owners now have a local choice. At Austin Linen Service, laundry is locally cleaned using state-of-the-art technology and machinery with the best cleaning solvents useful for the environment and delivered daily.

Today, the vision is to rapidly expand the current business model and become the largest, locally-owned, commercial laundry service provider in Austin, Texas.

AJ and Doris love Austin. They love the people, the focus on the environment, and the desire amongst business owners to keep it local.

In addition to running Austin Linen Service, you will find AJ and Doris serving their church, friends, and the community at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin. In his free time, AJ serves two cocker spaniels who are eager for his attention after a long day as well as chilling out and recharging by caring for his garden and yard.

When you meet AJ, he is personable, caring, and charitable. He is all about making a difference.

AJ with his Dad delivering milk

AJ as a little boy with his Dad and brothers.