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Not All Bed Linens Are Created Equal

Not All Bed Linens Are Created Equal - Austin Linen

Bed sheets come in a variety of different fibers such as bamboo, modal, linen, silk, and cotton. With each, there are advantages and disadvantages to each type of fiber to use for bed linens. For example, cotton is by far the most popular fiber thanks to its durability and the variety of qualities available. Cotton is also washable and wicks moisture well.

Good quality linen is expensive and durable. It does wrinkle but over time becomes smooth after multiple washings. Bamboo starts out soft but is not durable and often pills after several washes. This is a good reason it is inexpensive. Modal is a wood fiber. It is very expensive and soft but not durable.

Some of the finest and best quality bed linens can sell for close to $2,000. There are also 1,500 thread count sheets that you can find for $50, but buyer beware. The quality is questionable.

There are several things you should keep in mind when purchasing bed linens:

  1. Don’t buy solely on thread count.
  2. You get what you pay for is a good rule to keep in mind when purchasing bed linens.
  3. Be aware that retail distribution of luxury linens can result in high price markups – over 200 percent!
  4. When a designer’s label is placed on bed linens, there is likely a royalty that comes with the label, thus driving up the price.

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