Written by AJ Durtschi

Austin Linen Service Is About Creating Something New

Austin Linen Service Is About Creating Something New | by AJ Durtschi

At Austin Linen Service we are in the midst of significant improvements and renovations to serve our customers even better. Our idea is always to be on the cutting edge of technology and service. Being at the forefront and leading in the linen industry requires lots of ideas. But we all also know the maxim: Good ideas are a dime a dozen.

What matters is good execution.

I have learned as a business owner that you don’t always know which ideas are worth executing, and which are not. At least not at first, anyway.

To win, especially in the linen business, I’ve learned to experiment with lots of ideas. Some ideas gain traction and promise; other ideas will fizzle and fail. My job is to keep coming up with new and better ideas, keep reiterating, and hopefully, my effort, risk, and hard work will pay off.

I’m sure it’s the same for your business. To achieve the success you want, you must always be open to new ideas, innovation, and creating something new. Don’t let a bad idea that didn’t work stop you. It’s part of the process to finding out what will work.

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