Written by AJ Durtschi

What Austin Luxury Guests Want Besides Great Linens


What Austin Luxury Guests Want Besides Great Linens | by AJ Durtschi

Richard Gere, an Austin regular and legendary Hollywood actor, knows a thing or two about luxury living and hoteliering. He is used to traveling in ultra luxe and having super luxury accommodations. One of Gere’s favorite hotels is The Oberoi in New Delhi.

Gere goes to great lengths to ensure the hotels where he has extended stays knows his likes and dislikes and goes to great lengths to ensure privacy. He wants to be assured that he will have complete privacy and that peeping guests will be kept at arm’s length, so he gets his private seclusion and R&R.

So what do luxury travelers or the Richard Gere’s coming to Austin, Texas expect in a hotel experience when money in not the consideration? What do premium places of stay bring out on the silver platter of whom luxury is a way of life?

Here is my list:

Luxury hospitality locations in the Austin and Texas Hill Country area are about superlative touches. Unique touches such as special spa treatments, fabulous five-star restaurants, custom luxury linens, and toiletries.

Austin has many stories both historical and legendary. Many luxury travelers pick Austin because of the history, legends, and fascinating stories woven around the fabric of the enchanting city.

There is also Sixth Street, SXSW, Texas Longhorn football, Texas barbecue, great music, classic hotel and city landmarks, and more that are appealing to the ultra wealthy. In short, Austin has story.

From your 5-star hotels and area resorts, you will find Austin luxury hotels eager to serve up their aces to the preferred guests in unique and creative ways that are a touchstone for the brilliance of their brands. Here is where they bring out the best linens, flowers, chocolates, etc. It’s all about the customer.

Luxury hotels are unique places in Austin where service is around the experience and making the stay memorable. The luxury hotel experience comes replete with all the trimmings and trappings of ultimate pampering. No demand is too much and no service too less.

Welcome to Austin, Texas!