Written by AJ Durtschi

Austin Is Home of New Ideas

Austin Is Home of New Ideas | by AJ Durtschi

Benjamin Hardy in his best selling book called, Willpower Doesn’t Work addresses what happens when you expose yourself to new ideas. He says when you do things you’ve never done before, you’re naturally more focused and engaged. When we process new information, our brain is required to work harder. You’re in the process of connecting new things into your existing mental model, thus rewriting the chemistry of your brain. This according to Hardy, not only keeps you focused but it transforms you. It keeps you alive and growing, rather than stale and decaying.

The opposite is true as well. When you do the same things over and over again in the same environments, it’s much easier to go on autopilot. You already know the expectations, the results, the feedback you will receive, and it’s easy to zone out.

Being required to assimilate new information is challenging you to figure out new solutions and approaches. Doing things you’ve never done before is as disorienting dilemma according to Hardy.

“A disorienting dilemma is when your current mental model is somewhat shattered through exposure to new ideas and experiences that contradict your current way of thinking.

“Being disoriented and experiencing a transformational learning experience doesn’t mean you lose faith in everything you once believed, though. Rather, it’s about weeding out ineffective and unhealthy ways of thinking and seeing.”

The more novelty you can embed in your life and environment, the more engaged you will be. The broader and more unique connections you create in your brain, the more innovative your work can become.

Is your work routine the same every day? How about changing things up? How about moving the furniture around? What about new paint? How about a brand makeover? What about a field trip to new restaurants or spas in Austin to revitalize your thinking? How about fresh new linens or making a bold new change in linen service?

Austin is not only the rockstar of small business cities (Forbes). It is also the king of innovation. Get out and meet some of the most creative people in the world that are in your own backyard. Be inspired. Expose yourself to new ideas and relish feeling a little disoriented as you weed out old and stale ways of doing things.

Austin Linen Service is up for sharing some new ideas for your linens.