Written by AJ Durtschi

Austin Trends in Commercial Laundry

Austin Trends In Commercial Laundry - Austin Commercial laundry

If you want to stay relevant in Austin, you must meet market demand, and you must continually innovate --- commercial laundry is no exception. There are specific trends that are happening right now, and there are trends that are predicted in the foreseeable future that is revolutionizing commercial laundry.

Trends in Laundry by 2030, is a resource published by the Members of the Board for Washing Excellence. They cite four trends in the commercial laundry service that will impact commercial laundry performance by 2030; they are:

  • 1

    Chemical Action

  • 2

    Mechanical Action

  • 3

    Temperature Effect

  • 4

    Time Savings

Here's what is predicted.

Chemical Action: A New Approach to Detergent

Laundry detergent is going green. Like many synthetic products, there are over 9,000 different kinds of laundry detergent, most of which pose a risk to the environment. The phosphates used in most laundry detergents are a significant source of pollution in the United States, especially where there are waterways. This is where innovation meets demand. New commercial laundry systems change the detergent game, by changing the amount of water and detergent required in each cycle. New commercial laundry machines, such as the Hydrofinity add XOrbs which lessen the amount and temperature of the water needed and therefore reduces the amount of detergent.

There is a slew of other companies who are tackling the detergent problem, like Method, Restore, Seventh Generation who are developing innovations of environmentally green detergents. Expect these innovations to change how laundry, commercial and residential, is processed and cleaned.

Mechanical Action: Smart Laundry Machines

New smart laundry machines are increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs by tracking usage data, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and providing real-time communications. These changes take what has been a complicated and costly process and makes it simple.

Smart technology removes the chaos, providing unparalleled organization and tracking methods. Combine this with new tagging features that connects to the cloud and keeps track of the status of each item as it's being washed.

Temperature Effect: Reducing Cleaning Resources

Austin is perhaps one of the most eco-friendly cities in America. Sustainable, or "green," products and services are highly regarded and rewarded by the citizens of Austin. This trend will only grow.

Laundry requires water and energy --- two precious and dwindling resources. Just think about the droughts we've experienced in Austin over the recent years and the water restrictions that are enforced each Summer. The answer is environmentally friendly innovations that save time, money, water, and energy. A good example is the EPA's WaterSense label which ensures that the product or service uses at least 20 percent less water than the average prototype.

Time Savings: Technology and Efficiency

The introduction of smart laundry and technologically advanced machinery is significantly reducing time inefficiencies which translates into money because time is money right? This creates a business environment for commercial laundry services such as Austin Linen Service to provide better customer experiences, provide state-of-the-art business intelligence, to be equipped to be green, and to track utility usage as well as delivery to the customers front door.

The future for Austin Linen Service has never looked so bright --- and the same can be said for your laundry!