Written by AJ Durtschi

Choosing Your Austin Wedding Day Linens

Choosing Your Austin Wedding Day Linens | by AJ Durtschi

Austin and the Texas Hill Country is a super hot spot for that one of a kind wedding. Choosing your wedding linens and aesthetics that fit into your vision of the perfect wedding can be frustrating and overwhelming. So I hear your question loud and clear, “Where do I start?” Not to worry we’ve got some great linen advice along with some resources from Monarch Event Rentals, an Austin favorite and well-liked wedding and party event supply rental marketplace for some cool tips and tricks to choosing wedding day linens.

How do I choose linens I need or want?

There are so many linens to choose from that could keep your head spinning. You can choose glitz and glam linens, lace, pinchwheel, shimmer, or sequin to name just a few. There are also dozens of colors and designs at your disposal. If you want a little pizzazz but not too overwhelming to your guests, you can place sequin or bold linens on your ancillary tables like the cake, gift, or cocktail tables. These will catch the eye of your guests but not be the primary focus of your reception. Also, when choosing linens, begin with thinking about the items that will lie on top of the linens such as florals, centerpieces, style of dinnerware, favors, and such.

Maybe you’re taking advantage of some of the Texas Hill Country rustic country areas. If you’re having rustic farm tables that have their own story and beauty, you may want to opt for reception table runners. You could even include wedding chair covers or ribbons. Small delicate details like these can give you a look and feel that complement the surrounding decor.

Also, don’t forget about napkins! There are choices galore when it comes to sizes, prints, colors, and even artistic folds to your dinner napkins. Make sure you take these into account when planning out your wedding day linens.

What are the size and shapes of the tables for my linens?

I’d recommend you consult with your wedding planner or venue coordinator. If you’re doing this alone with the help of family or friends here’s some helpful tips.

Consider square tables if your venue is outside and there is little to no special definition.

If you have a long space rectangular banquet tables can fill up the space nicely.

Round reception tables are always a wedding favorite and can function well in any space.

Should I rent or buy wedding day linens?

When deciding to purchase or rent wedding linens, here are some things you should consider from United With Love and their great blog:

  1. Setup: The number one reason we think you should rent linens instead of buying them is the setup factor. Oftentimes, if you don’t rent through one of your local wedding vendors (be it the venue, the caterer, or an outside rental company) you are stuck setting each and every linen up. Since you can’t place table linens until tables are popped in your venue, you will probably be stuck doing this on the day of your wedding. Trust us when we say this is NOT something you want to have to worry about. The last thing you want to do that day is place linens on all 12 or more tables in your space.
  2. Storage: After your wedding where are you planning on storing the 12 table linens that you purchased for your wedding day? We’re pretty sure you don’t have 12 dining room tables that seat 8-10 people, so odds are you won’t even have much use for one of those linens. “But I can sell them!” you say, which brings us to our next point… CAN you sell them?
  3. Resale Value: Sure, maybe you can sell them. You can list them on all sorts of sites and maybe you’ll get a bite or two from a bride but how much money will you truly make? Will you get back the money you spent on them? Can it make up for the time it took to find someone willing to purchase them? Will you be compensated for the space they took up in your home before you passed them off? We’re not so sure about that.

We also think you might want to add to this list the quality and cost of items if you’re aiming for a high-end experience. And last but not least is the headache of all these combined. Renting items not only opens you up to a world of possibilities that would otherwise be out of range with a budget, it saves you from the stress of ownership.

You can cut the worry and stress by checking out Monarch Event Rentals. They have a one-stop-shop for everything from tables and chairs to decor and entertainment.

We can help with your linens.