How Austin Businesses Can Succeed in 2019

In a recent interview with, Mark Cuban made this statement: “No business should ever take what they have for granted.” I have learned from my own experiences that things change, success requires continuous innovation. In this month’s issue of, their feature article is How to Succeed in 2019. For the most part, the […]

Nail It, Then Scale It

The components of a business model involve these three essential ingredients: 1. Service (i.e., linen service) or product 2. Acquire a customer 3. Generate revenue from that customer You have a successful and profitable business model when revenue (#3) is greater than the cost of the service (#1) + sales and marketing (#2). At its […]

Planning An Austin Event? 5 Linens You Should Rent, and Not Buy

Austin is the No. 1 fastest growing “large city” in the country according to personal finance site Wallet Hub. Austin is also known for its music, food, University of Texas, and for being the capital of Texas which means Austin is a hub for events, big and small. As the only commercial┬álocally-cleaned linen service in […]

Adding The Human Touch To Linens

“Future of work” — If you’re like me, this is a buzzword that you’ve heard plenty of times. Google Trends shows this buzzword to be near an all-time high in popularity. Frankly, most of the hype around the future of work is just a lot of noise from people trying to sell you something. Though […]

Our Customers Are Innovation Accelerators

At Austin Linen Service our best customers aren’t the satisfied customers. Our best customers are the ones who want more. They are the ones who reply to our newsletters, who suggest new features, and who bring us problems to solve. These are the customers who challenge us, who push us to achieve a little bit […]

Austin Is Home of New Ideas

Benjamin Hardy in his best selling book called, Willpower Doesn’t Work addresses what happens when you expose yourself to new ideas. He says when you do things you’ve never done before, you’re naturally more focused and engaged. When we process new information, our brain is required to work harder. You’re in the process of connecting […]

Another No. 1 for Austin

  A top economic metropolitan powerhouse in the United States is Austin, Texas, coming in at No. 3 just ahead of San Jose and San Francisco as the nation’s economic king of America. Along with all the growth, Austin is No. 1 in another category — food trucks. Yes, that’s right. Food trucks. Austin has […]

Austin #1 For Small Business

How is Austin growing so fast? According to Forbes, Austin is the rockstar of small-business cities. CNBC named Austin the #1 place to start a business. American City Business Journals said Austin is the top city for “small business vitality.” Sungard Availability Services says Austin is the top city for launching a technology startup. Economic […]

Commercial Laundry Trends in Austin

Every business and industry will face disruption that requires new thinking and innovation to stay relevant. Innovation drives us forward, or lack of it makes us obsolete. Following are a few trends we notice at Austin Linen Service. Technology Smart technology cuts through the chaos, providing live tracking of linens using an embedded tag that […]

Austin’s Rich & The Best Linens for Your Yacht

Austin Rich According to Business Insider, you need to make more than $142,000 in Austin to call yourself rich. However, to be in the top 1 percent you need $424,507. Austin’s Three Comma Club There is a difference though between being “rich” and being stone wealthy. To join that illustrious club, which we refer to […]