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Becoming The Asset

Becoming The Asset

There are an infinite number of choices presented to the average buyer today when it comes to products and services. They can search online for “faster and cheaper” with just a couple clicks. The question every business owner must ask themselves is how to get people to pay for their products or service instead of the next company on the search list.

In our own industry, this has made it imperative to think past the linens and focus on how to make our service more valuable and relevant to our customers. It’s the choice of being seen as a valuable asset versus just an errand stop on the way home.

Is Your Business an Asset to your Customer?

There are two types of customer service:

  1. One that brings value to the customer or market before they have even decided whether to purchase
  2. One whose purpose is to fix and repair problems and errors after they arise

The real value to your customers is offering value without asking for anything up front in return. A reliable, trustworthy relationship takes time and consistency in the product you deliver and the service you provide. This is how you become a valuable asset to your customers.

Like all business ventures, the end-goal of customer service is to ultimately bring value to the customer. Truly solving a crisis, preventing a problem, or repairing a broken business-to-consumer relationship must see actions that begin before these problems arise, not after. This is because customer service in itself is often viewed as a repairing function and not as a complete beginning to end strategy for your business.

Therefore, the ultimate goal should not be to focus only on what good or service is offered, but to shift your viewpoint and ensure that optimum value is offered to the customer at each step of the buying process. It’s the difference of working to eliminate dissatisfaction as it occurs versus bringing value to the market and your potential customer before a choice has even been made.

Austin Linen Service would like to be an asset to your business. If we can help you with linen needs or services, we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call at 512-774-6314 or complete our online contact form here.


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