Travelling? Try This Pillow

Traveling? Try This Pillow

  10,718,854 passengers came through Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) in 2014 making it one of the fastest-growing airports in the […]

What Now? | Eric Austin

What Now?

Before you change. Before you add a new employee. Before you expand operations. Before you automate sales. Before you take […]

Selling Plastic | by Eric Austin

Selling Plastic

A lot of businesses appear to be in the business of “selling plastic.” By that I mean they know the routine. […]

Making Your Towels Last | by Eric Austin

Making Your Towels Last

Pilling is a common problem with many towels. The result of pilling is small balls of tangled fibers that appear […]

Cotton is Cotton, Right? | by Eric Austin

Cotton is Cotton, Right?

Not all cotton is created equal. The manufacturing of quality cotton is a complex process, involving modern technology, skill, and […]

Heatbreak Hotel Linens | by Eric Austin

Heartbreak Hotel Linens

Although it’s always crowded You still can find some room For broken-hearted lovers To cry there in the gloom And […]