Written by AJ Durtschi

Business Excellence in Linens

What do your linens say about your business?

We all know that bland is boring, and only something remarkable, memorable, and superior can continue to sell year after year. When the small details are not attended to or done well, they are no longer just a small detail when your customers notice them.

Small details speak loudly when they are ignored. They detract from your business and prevent your brand from growing. If you’re ignoring the details, here’s what your linens could be saying about your business:

  • We don’t pay attention to the details.
  • ‘Rumpled’ is just fine with us.
  • Our brand isn’t that important.

Your brand’s story tells the customer is made up of every element of your business – from your linens to the actual product or service you’re offering.

Selling your product or service can only get you so far if you aren’t selling the brand behind it.

Here’s what your brand should be saying about your business:

  • We care.
  • Our customers are important to us.
  • We pay attention to details.
  • Our work matters to us.

Your brand matters.

What your brand says about your business matters to your customers — and any potential customers you will have in the future.