Written by AJ Durtschi

Buy Into Your Story

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People don’t buy just a product or a service, they buy the story behind it. Boring stories are forgotten and shoved aside to make room for new potential. It’s no longer as relevant what the product says on the label or how good the service might be. What’s more relevant is what the story says about the brand. Remarkable stories and brands sell. What does your story say about you or your business?

What you sell might be something remarkable, but unless you buy into your own story and believe in your brand, there’s not much for people to talk about, nothing to share, and no brand to back it up. It’s just another voice vying for attention and customers in a very crowded market place.

Take Starbucks for example. Making coffee isn’t complicated, but making great coffee takes more than just a machine and some coffee grounds. Added to that are the attitudes of the employees, the ambiance of the shop, the look and feel of the cup, and dozens of other factors that have little to do with where the coffee beans came from or the actual quality of the coffee in the cup. There are plenty of places in that process for an error to occur and detract from the story.

But today Starbucks sells coffee all over the world, and they aren’t cheap either. The founders bought into their own story. They saw potential and ran with it. It might have been futile and probably crazy, but now Starbucks’ has fans all over the world preaching their brand to their friends. Their customers also bought into the story and became fans.

Be different and engaging, and tell a story with your business that’s exciting and compelling enough to be shared.

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