Written by AJ Durtschi

Choosing Cotton Towels

Choosing Cotton Towels | Eric Austin

A quality towel feels soft and luxurious. At Austin Linen Service we are known as the experts around linens and towels. Following are a few tips on how to select the best cotton towels:

Know the fabric quality

Yes, we are talking about cotton towels, but there is a wide variation in quality. Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are regarded by many as the best choices for a towel that provides that soft touch and luxurious feel. They are also most durable for business and will last longer.

There is also a blended linen towel that includes both cotton and microfiber materials. These are lighter towels and are more common for contemporary uses.

A good practice when determining quality is to look at the edges of the towel. The double turned edge is attractive but also provides extra durability. These type of edges are less likely to fray than a woven edge.

Know the absorbency

One of the most important factors when selecting towels is to determine the absorbency of the towel. For example, a good bath towel is one that is very thick, soft and absorbent — the kind of towel that will dry you off quickly. Luxury¬†hotels use this type of towel.

The most absorbent towels are those made from Egyptian cotton. The threads are long and thick. This kind of cotton is hand-picked to assure its level of purity. It’s also very dense and thus produces a durable and absorbent towel.

Know the density

Density refers to the number of fibers that are in a square foot and also called the pile. A quality towel will have a high density. For example, a quality Egyptian cotton towel will have a density of around 250 grams. The highest quality towels will have an even higher density number of around 550 grams. It is not uncommon for organic cotton towels to have a pile of 700 grams.

Choosing the right towels is more than selecting style and color. It’s about knowing what makes one towel a better option than another. To determine high quality, you must know about your options when it comes to fabric quality, absorbency, and density of fibers.

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