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Summer is upon us, and with it come many hot days and sticky nights. Staying comfortable at night requires the best type of sheets that work to keep you free from feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Not all sheets are made equal. Some are perfect for cold, winter nights while others are perfect for staying cool during the summer. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best sheets for the summer.

1. Stick with natural fibers.

The optimal bedsheets to use during the summer are made up of 100% natural fibers. This includes silk and several cotton blends such as percale, sateen, and jersey.

The goal is to allow the sheets to breathe and air to flow. Heavy sheets keep air trapped in, leading to an uncomfortable hot bed and restless night. Sheets made up of natural fibers though, let air circulate and keep moisture from forming, thus, preventing perspiration from becoming a problem even in the hottest of nights.


2. Cotton or Silk?

When you think luxury beds, silk sheets come immediately to mind. They are the Ferraris of the bedsheet world. They keep temperatures at perfect levels and allow you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter – a perfect win-win situation. However, they are pricey as great luxury comes at a cost.
Cotton is a great alternative to silk, though, and doesn’t come with the steep price. There are several options here for the various blends of cotton:

  • Percale – This fabric is of a high thread count (typically 200+) and closely woven
  • Sateen – Feeling similar to silk, the structure of these sheets allows them to feel very soft while maintaining durability (though not as strong as other cotton fabrics)
  • Jersey – This knit fabric is another great option for usage during the warm months and provides a snug fit to the mattress due to it’s elasticity

3. Choosing the optimum thread count.

The thread count of your fabrics is an important measurement for any sheets and is the best gauge of the quality and make of the sheets as well as the comfort level they provide. The higher the thread count the more comfortable a sheet will likely feel. A general guideline is to ignore sheets below the 175 thread count threshold and to search for anything above 250, with 300+ being sheets that are well worth the cost.

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  1. I don’t agree with sateen being cool. They stick to you. They may be soft but not cool. Sateen does not breathe. Not in clothes. Not in sheets. Cotton is another dilemma. There’s all kinds of cheap cotton out there. You can get a great thread count and still have scratchy, hot sheets. My guess is Egyptian cotton is the best. You don’t mention that.

    • As with anything, it really depends on the quality of the fibers. You are definitely correct about the vast amounts of cheap fibers on the market. The majority of sheets labeled “Egyptian” have less than 5% of actual Egyptian cotton fibers in them. Nothing beats silk, but I agree about genuine Egyptian cotton being the best otherwise.

  2. Thanks for the advice on sheets, but whoa! Playing it kind of fast & loose with those apostrophes, huh?

  3. Gretchen Synclaire says

    After searching for years for bed linens that would be both hypoallergenic and keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter I finally invested in Silk. And after researching silk I decided on Mulberry silk. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and hair in just a few months. I am super happy with my linens. I bought my silk sheets from There are many companies out there but I am very happy with my purchase.


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