Written by AJ Durtschi

Choosing the Best Uniforms

Uniforms can say a lot about a business. Knowing what to look for when choosing your company uniforms, from materials to design, is critical to making your business uniforms a positive addition to your brand.

When choosing the right business uniforms for your employees, choosing the right one is imperative.

There are several reasons why it is important to pick out great work uniforms, including boosting productivity, enhancing customer relations, and creating the right morale.

Making the correct choice will enhance your brand message and put the right face on your company.

However, choosing the wrong one will communicate the wrong message or lack of skills and incompetency to your customers. This can cause your customers to make other choices other than your business.

For example, you cannot rent out medical uniforms to an industrial machine company and vice versa. This will only confuse your customers.

The following are some considerations while choosing the best work or business uniforms for your team or staff.

Comfort Affects Happiness


Focusing on uniforms that promote your brand is great, but only after ensuring your material is comfortable and will be made into a great fit for your employees. Wearing uncomfortable uniforms day in and day out will take its toll, and it's missing steps like these that can negatively affect your employees' level of comfort at work. When choosing your uniform material, make sure what you choose is comfortable in addition to being durable.

Comfort isn't only about feel though, it's the fit of the uniform as well. A comfortable, great-fitting uniform not only improves your brand's image but it gives your employees confidence.

Brand Image

Uniform linen service

A well-designed and maintained uniform is an important investment in your brand and business. A survey published on Reuters reported that 2 out of 3 adults surveyed stated that uniformed employees positively impacted a company's image. More striking, respondents also stated uniforms “made them more likely to do business with the company."

When your customers come in contact with your business, what do they see?

Does your staff or company uniforms create a memorable impression?

Are your uniforms communicating resilience, strength, fun, power, expertise, or loyalty? Once you determine the message, you want to leave with your customers and ensure your uniforms live up to helping convey that impression.

Uniforms are a great investment, but choosing the right material, style, and design is just the first step. Maintaining them is also just as important. Customers will notice dirty, wrinkled, or poorly designed uniforms - these mistakes can clearly detract from your brand.

Personalize it

Uniforms and Name tags

Many brands find it important to help connect the brand to the customer by creating adding a personal touch. One way you can help create this personal touch is by putting a name on it.

Name tags help customers feel comfortable talking to staff and are a great way to start a relationship.

Remember to make sure your team wears their name tags on the right side in the event they shake hands with a new customer, and the tag is viewable and easy to read.

Maintain Uniform Expectations

Uniform Policy - Linens

It is important to make sure your team knows what is expected of them concerning uniform dress codes.

Don't assume anything. Have a process where each employee signs a policy stating the following items:

  • They understand where to leave uniforms for weekly cleaning.
  • They know how the uniform is to be worn to maintain a professional and consistent appearance across the entire company or team.
  • They agree to return the uniforms in the event of their departure from the company.

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