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Choosing The Right Pillow

Choosing The Right Pillow | by Eric Austin

Where do you start when choosing a pillow?

Should you decide based on brand, price, or material? Ultimately I believe your home pillow selection comes down to your personal preferences. For example for a hotel or bed and breakfast, it will likely come down to quality and price. However, it is different for everyone.

Following are some tips for helping you make the right choice for your pillows and linens.


The standard pillow size is 20″ X 26″. A twin bed has one standard pillow; a full/queen size bed has two, and a king size bed commonly uses three. Then you have the ‘King’ size and ‘Jumbo’ size. Many luxurious hotels opt for the larger sizes and usually double up on the number of pillows on the bed.

Microfiber? Feather? Natural? Synthetic?

Microfiber meets most people’s comfort needs. The advantages of microfiber are that it is allergenic, soft while supportive, and will keep it’s shape after extensive use and wear. It is also totally washable.

Feather is the most expensive of pillow fillings. Feather pillows provide a fresh and soft level of comfort. They are luxurious to the touch, but they do require being ‘fluffed up’ to keep support and shape.

Thickness and Height

If you sleep on your back, a pillow with a medium thickness that provides a slight stretch on your neck will give you the support for your neck’s progressive curve.

For those who prefer more height and support or sleep on their side, a pillow must be high but soft enough to give your head a leveled position while keeping your neck straight in alignment with your spine. This pillow must not cause your neck to curve or tilt upwards or downwards.

Pillow Linen

Ensure your pillows have a good quality cotton linen and not a synthetic material that promotes heat and perspiration. You will want to be sure you have a minimum of 200+ thread count and a quality cotton that provides softness, durability, and comfort.


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