Written by AJ Durtschi

Clean Workouts and Clean Linens

Lake LBJ

When it comes to gyms and fitness centers, nothing will make a guest run for the doors faster than dirty, sweat-covered machines. When your business is about promoting health and wellness, it’s your job to prevent germs and bacteria as well as possible and encourage guests to exercise and work out. One way to do this? Fresh towels.

Not all guests will use a towel the way you want them to, but providing them with a fresh towel or the means to easily acquire one has the added benefit of higher overall cleanliness of your equipment and improved customer service.

Providing a towel service to your guests for free can be a costly endeavor. Even charging a nominal fee for providing clean towels can stretch your operating budget thanks to the expense of the towels, purchasing expensive machines and added labor costs associated with providing such a service. However, using a third-party linen service makes offering fresh towels to your members all the more reasonable, keeping your gym or fitness center clean and fresh while maintaining the efficiency that you rely on.

The obvious advantage to providing towels to your guests is increased cleanliness and appeal of your equipment. But, there are other behind the scenes benefits when hiring a linen service to provide and manage your gym’s linens.

  • Improved efficiency — Giving responsibility of your linens over to a linen service frees up your employees to do their jobs and focus more on the customer.
  • Maintenance free — Linens are expensive, and so are the machines and chemicals that come with cleaning and maintaining them
  • Improved brand image — Not all gyms and fitness centers offer a towel service, and while providing one, even for a small fee, adds to your expenses, a linen service makes this very doable for a great price. The benefits outweigh the costs significantly.

A gym or fitness center is in the business of helping people look and feel their best. A linen service helps gyms and fitness centers accomplish that goal.
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