Written by AJ Durtschi

Commercial Laundry Trends in Austin

Commercial Laundry Trends in Austin | by AJ Durtschi

Every business and industry will face disruption that requires new thinking and innovation to stay relevant.

Innovation drives us forward, or lack of it makes us obsolete.

Following are a few trends we notice at Austin Linen Service.


Smart technology cuts through the chaos, providing live tracking of linens using an embedded tag that connects to the cloud and keeps track of each linen being washed. This allows business to measure the economic life of linens more accurately as well as provide security against linen loss.

Smart technology also helps us measure resources, cleaning chemicals, and use of electricity. It provides detailed reporting and analysis so business owners like myself can have a more efficient method for targeting and eliminating inefficiencies.

Cleaning Detergents

At Austin Linen Service we are always looking for ways to reduce the number of resources needed for laundry, specifically those that are detrimental to our planet like chemicals in detergent. New technologies such as nearly waterless machines change the detergent game because by adjusting the amount of water required in each cycle, we can change the amount and type of chemicals needed.

Laundry requires water and energy. Two resources that are becoming more scarce in Austin due to the rapid growth of new families moving to our city. With new innovations in the laundry industry, change is happening, and it is creating more efficiency and eco-friendliness. While we cannot predict for sure what the laundry industry will look like several years from now, at the moment, things are looking pretty good.

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