Written by AJ Durtschi

Cotton is Cotton, Right?

Cotton is Cotton, Right? | by Eric Austin

Not all cotton is created equal.

The manufacturing of quality cotton is a complex process, involving modern technology, skill, and high talented workers. There are many complex steps in the process of manufacturing cotton. Below are four general categories for manufacturing cotton:

Preparation – Procuring the cotton

Click below to see an interesting story on how cotton goes from the field to final product:

From Cotton to Fabric

Today we get thousands of products that are produced from cotton including towels, uniforms, tablecloths, bed sheets, much of the clothes we wear today, as well as many foods. Below is a video that shows the process of how a bale of cotton is processed into yarn which is then used for the manufacture of products we use every day.

It’s important to not only choose quality cotton products but also be sure those products get the right care.