Written by AJ Durtschi

Customer Service Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Customer Service Isn't Just a Buzzword (1)

Great customer service has everything to do with caring and providing value. The goal of customer service is ultimately about creating value to make a difference and solve a problem for your customer. Customer service begins with feeling. That’s what your customers ultimately see and feel — how much you care.

In reality, customer service, innovation, creativity, competitive advantage, and other buzzwords are not what the customer ultimately cares about. It’s not a malicious or intentional decision, they just already care about something else. What goes on behind the scenes of a business doesn’t factor into a customer’s thought process as long as the service or product is what they expected or even exceeds their expectations. Deliver more than what they expect, and they’re happy, never thinking twice about what went into the process to make it happen.

It’s sometimes too easy to get caught up in the buzzwords of the day and forget about why they mattered in the first place. What logical reasons are you giving your customers to bypass one, 10, or even a 100 other choices they have to buy your product or use your services? Just opening your doors, even if they are virtual doors, won’t cut it anymore. Today it comes down to value and meaning.

We work hard to help our clients provide great customer service and value to their customers. Find out what makes us different and how we care about our customers by reading our manifesto here. If we can help you with linen needs or services for your business, we would love to hear from you. Connect with us below by completing our form or give us a call at 512-774-6314.

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