Written by AJ Durtschi

Decoratively Making a Bed

Decoratively Making A Bed | Austin Linen Service

Buying high quality sheets and linens for your bed and breakfast, or resort and rental property is important for the comfort of your guests. Use your high quality linens to best advantage by dressing the bed to look serene, inviting and luxurious. Here are some simple steps to accomplish this task:

Start With the Basics

Use a good quality mattress pad, which protects the mattress, as well as adding an extra layer of comfort. Place the fitted sheet over the mattress and pull down the corners to secure. Make sure they are both pulled smooth, fit well and stay put.

Lay the top sheet directly over the fitted sheet with the print side facing down. Placing the printed side down will allow the design of the fabric and/or edge detailing to show when the edge is folded over. Place the blanket over the top sheet with the edge about 6″ away from the headboard end of the mattress. Fold both the blanket and sheet down approximately a foot, or just enough to show the print or decorative edge of the sheet.

Make hospital corners at the foot of the bed. Tuck the foot end of the sheet under the mattress from corner to corner. Then pull the long edges up onto the top of the mattress, allowing the foot end of the sheet to fall smoothly around the corner. The edges should form a 45 degree angle from their respective corners. Tuck in the excess hanging below the mattress line, then bring the long edge back down and tuck in. This will make the corners look crisp and tidy.

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Add a Cover

There are several options you can use as a top dressing. A bedspread covering the entire bed creates a more tailored look. If you decide on this option, make sure to coordinate with the rest of the linens on the bed.

As an alternative to a bedspread, a comforter folded in thirds and placed across the foot of the bed is a trendy and fashionable way to accessorize the bed. You could also use a quilt or duvet in the same manner.

The Finishing Touch

Add pillows as the finishing touch. There are no set rules for how to arrange them, or how many to use. A basic no-fuss design is to neatly stack two sleeping pillows on top of each other for each side of the bed, creating an orderly and simple look. Pillow shams, or decorative covers can also be used with a coordinating bedspread.

For a more decorative no-fail combination, place a row of large square pillows standing up against the headboard, then a row of two king or queen size pillows in decorative shams in front of them, and then a small round or bolster pillow in front to complete the look. This is a stylish arrangement that always works.

Combining the stacked and standing method is a successful look as well, which allows the sleeping pillows to be stacked in the back, and the more decorative pillows to be arranged in front. Using 3 to 5 small decorative pillows in front of the larger ones adds additional impact to a sumptuous and inviting bed. Be sure to use a variety of shapes (tube, bolster, square, round) and coordinate with the rest of the bedding.

No matter how you decide to dress the bed, make it comfortable, relaxing and inviting to your guests.

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