Written by AJ Durtschi

Do Your Customers Like You


Do Your Customers Like You-

Are you someone people would want to do business with? Is your salon the kind of place where people want to spend time? Is your fitness center welcoming to everyone? Does your front desk let customers know you are glad to see them?

The kind of business that people will gravitate to is one that does their best to understand the needs of their customers, one that listens to them, and truly cares. That means going beyond your product or service and focusing on the customer.

Besides the obvious of providing value with your service or product, there are a few other things you can do to attract people to your business and keep them coming back.

  • Get great at learning and remembering your customer’s names. It lets people know you care when you address them by name.
  • Take time to really listen. Ask a question and then listen when your customer responds.
  • Have a positive attitude on a daily basis. It’s far more appealing to do business with a positive and enthusiastic business.
  • Let your customers know you are genuinely glad to see them when they walk in. When your customers look forward to seeing you or coming back to your business, you’ve made a fan.

Creating a fan can only happen if your customers like you, and if they like you, they will keep coming back.

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