Written by AJ Durtschi

Don’t Wash Your Linens: Let Austin Linen Service Do Them


Don't Wash Your Own Linens | Let Austin Linen Service Do Them

Business owners are some of the busiest people I’ve ever been around. Customers and employees may see them coming in late or leaving early and wish they could do the same thing. What they don’t see are the early mornings paying invoices, skipping lunch to meet with investors, or late nights trying to do the bookkeeping or payroll or work on marketing. The truth is that owning a business is a 24/7 job.

Finding ways to run the business more efficiently is a constant concern, as is stretching every penny and paying attention to the bottom line. For this reason, business owners of salons, spas, massage centers, and fitness centers may find themselves bringing business laundry home to do it.

One of the most common calls we get is from owners who have been doing all their business laundry at their own home. The reasons are many, and range from not having room for a laundry facility to just not having enough time in the day to complete it. This simple chore can become a non-stop laundry operation when your business increases.

Work on Your Business, Not in it doing the laundry.


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Work on your business, not in it.” This is a core summary given by author Michael Gerber in his book The E-Myth Revisited.

But what does “work on your business” mean?

When you are spending your evenings sorting through sheets and towels and searching for dryer sheets you are not working on your business, you are getting bogged down in it. Many owners will do as many jobs as they can with an eye on saving money. But they end up missing out on opportunities for expanding or promoting their business because they are too busy with the multitude of small but tedious tasks like laundry. That is where a commercial laundry and linen service like Austin Linen Service can more than pay for itself.

I like to compare it to doing yard work. Of course, I could save some money by doing the yard myself. But time is my most precious resource, and it is irreplaceable. Having someone else mow the yard can save a couple of hours of my time. That is well worth the investment to be able to use my time on other important tasks.

Laundry is no different. Detergent, softener, bleach, washer or dryer repairs, electricity and water costs, plus the time cost of shopping for these items and doing the task takes a lot of time. It might appear on the surface that you are saving money by “doing it for free,” but that is not the reality.

We often hear how happy customers are after using our delivery service at Austin Linen Service, even after just a few weeks. It is gratifying as a business owner to take the burden from another busy owner and free up time for them to work on their business, and not just in it.

Let us help free up some time.


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