Written by AJ Durtschi

Empowering People With Linen Service

Empowering People With Linen Service | by AJ Durtschi

Every company talks about serving the customer, and most speak about user-friendly customer experiences. It doesn’t matter what your business is your competition is everywhere. It is easy to find “linen service,” there are 3,070,000 (million) results on Google. Likewise, if we narrowed our search to just Austin, Texas, there are 935,000 search results! There are plenty of choices.

Today, business is about empowering people by helping them get more value from your “linen service” (replace linens with your service or product).

Empowering Customers To Make A Big Difference

For example, Austin Linen Service shows customers how it’s service of producing “freshly pressed” linens not only positively impacts the environment but provides the customer with an intelligent choice in linen service by showing the results. This empowers customers to decide if they want to secure the services of Austin Linen Service or not, without the hype of marketing messages that only create more friction in the decision process.

This isn’t merely a marketing campaign. Austin Linen Service uses every touchpoint between the brand and the audience to hammer home a single point: We care about the environment, and we care about your linens.

It’s not only core to our culture, but it also makes good business sense in Austin, Texas. Removing friction and delivering our message clearly carries our brand forward more effectively than just advertising or having a listing on Google about linen service.

This is a relationship story. Speaking to the audience in a way that’s seldom done. Enriching people’s lives in a small but authentic way.

Customers want more than products or services. They want experiences that they feel move their lives forward, one small step at a time. It’s something we believe that helps us make a difference at Austin Linen Service. It’s why we say: “Nothing happens at Austin Linen until somebody feels something.”

Experience  the Difference at Austin Linen Service