Written by AJ Durtschi

Features, Trends, Experiences, and Barber Towels

Features, Trends, Experiences, and Barber Towels | by AJ Durtschi


We live in a world where it’s all about features and culture rules. For example, are you aware of Echo/Alexa? This gadget which is a cloud-based voice service is the sleeping giant in the music and technology industry. It is also adding billions of dollars to the coffers of Amazon.

Here’s how Echo works. You mention the name “Alexa,” and the system is activated to listen next to what you want. “Alexa, play ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2,” and she serves it up to you. Ask Alexa to turn the volume up; she turns it up. Ask her to dim the lights, she dims the lights. Ask her to wake to play an Audible book and turn it off in 10 minutes, presto. If you want it she gets it or get this — offers you an upgrade for that capability. In other words, Amazon, the sleeping giant is listening to what you want and serving it up for you. They get it! Amazon knows we live in a world that demands features.

Dare to be different, but also dare to fail.

We’re a world overloaded with too much stuff. Promotion and marketing help, but hurts if the audience finds it’s not true. We’re always looking for something new and different even when it’s all been done before. Alexa or Echo is taking something we already use and do and serving it up different.

Set new trends

Consider a barbershop.

In Austin, Google shows over 25 million searches for the longtail keyword “barbers in Austin.” The truth is I don’t see any barbers in Austin that “stand out” in my Google search. According to the International SPA Association Foundation, they cited a trend where there is a 7 percent increase in the demand for “advanced/results oriented skincare treatment.”

What if you were a local Austin barber and went back to some ideas that worked in the past, and reinstated a fading ritual to the old barbershop experience that delivered what people want?

What if you added a soothing feeling of a warm/hot towel across the customer’s face in advance of a shave or cut?

What if you created your own “secret sauce” of popular holistic oils and scents that brought a fresh feel to the skin and a pleasant scent to the sinuses?

What if you steamed the towel with that unique blend of oils where the scent was well saturated and applied to the face of your customer?

Imagine the feeling your customer experiences when the warm damp towel is wrapped around their face and left there for a minute. They will begin to feel their pores loosen and whiskers soften as their skin soaks in the heat and unique blend of oils. They will associate the warm touch and the pleasant scent with the experience at your barbershop. They will remember you and come back for that added feature and experience.

Yes, it’s been done before. The question is can you dare to be different and serve it up in a way that your customer says, “That’s cool!”

Need help with those towels?