Written by AJ Durtschi

Fighting Dissatisfaction With Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service | Austin Linen Service

Customer dissatisfaction is the bane of customer loyalty. It ultimately results in people, those who are both loyal to a business as well as new, switching one service to try another and repeating this cycle until their expectation and satisfaction are ultimately met. The market seeks value in the services and products it pursues. Dissatisfaction arises from the inability of a customer to find this value.

Two simple rules dictate whether or not people choose to do business with a service or company:

1. Value must be seen from beginning to end.

2. Value can’t be difficult to find.

Realizing these rules seemingly addresses other problems associated with a poor customer service offering and poor value initiative, problems such as: inconsistent delivery, poor service, and dependability in intense situations. This is real customer service – the goal of providing value in a reliable, consistent manner that is available to the entire market, both non, new, and old customers.

Real Customer Service

Customer service itself isn’t about repairing any problems or errors, nor is it about preventing them in the first place. Customer service is about bringing value to the market before the market has decided whether to purchase or not, or whether to pursue any type of business relationship. It’s about offering value without asking for everything, up front, in return. A reliable, trustworthy relationship isn’t forged overnight.

Great customer service is universal. It’s not limited to any specific industry, problem, product, or service. It must live both before and after disasters strike within business to consumer or business to business relationships. Customer service today isn’t just about responding when service goes wrong, but ensuring value is seen and felt by the customer from day one. Businesses that focus on providing the highest quality customer service only when the assumed need arises aren’t grasping the larger picture. Value must seen by the market from the get-go.

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Like all business ventures, the end-goal of customer service is to ultimately bring value to the customer. Truly solving a crisis, preventing a problem, or repairing a broken business to consumer relationship must see actions that begin before these crises occur, not after. This is because customer service in itself is often viewed as having a repairing function and not as a complete a-z business strategy.

Therefore, the ultimate goal of customer service has shifted from that of a restoration of an error to one of ensuring that optimum value is offered to the customer at each step of the buying process. It’s the difference of working to prevent dissatisfaction as it occurs versus bringing value to the market before a choice has even been made.

Here are two key features of great customer service strategies:

  • Value is seen before any action is required by the customer. Content drives in new business as people seek value before considering to buy. Business relationships now begin, and are developed far in advance before any purchase is considered. Initiating a business relationship relies on the value presented to the market.
  • Failing to recognize the importance of offering value to the market before a purchase decision is ever required is operating under a set of old and failed business practices.

Preventing Dissatisfaction in the Linen Industry

Fighting dissatisfaction within the consumer base must be a “pre-fight” strategy, or a strategy that works to avoid dissatisfaction from ever happening. Typical qualities in such initiatives include reliability, consistency, and trust. Our customer’s problems can be grouped in many different ways, though with the right strategy in place, we can impress upon our customers that the expectation of value, consistency, and trust will always be present.

Though each problem is different, approaching them from this strategy prevents dissatisfaction from occurring, keeps the ball from being dropped, and allows us to dependably offer the industry’s freshest approach on solving problems.

For more information check out our blog and be sure to read our manifesto, Setting the Table to find out who we are and what makes us different.

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