Benefits of a Bamboo Mattress Pad

Mattress toppers, also known as mattress pads, have recently become a popular choice in the home textile and luxury bedding category for enhancing the life of a mattress and adding cloud-like comfort. Certainly the textile market is evolving and innovative technical textiles are valued more in the current times. There are several benefits to mattress toppers and various types that cater to certain individuals.

One type of mattress topper that is highly sought after is a bamboo mattress pad which is made of a natural cooling fabric. Bamboo fabric has many benefits and combining it in a mattress topper can create a pleasant experience for bedding lovers. Mattress toppers that are made with bamboo fabric and a firmer wadding may: 

  • Lower core body temperature
  • Provide hypoallergenic and a hygienic atmosphere
  • Reduce the impact of synthetic materials with a natural layer
  • Support the environment due to being a sustainable material
  • Give a calming effect due to the high breathability of bamboo fabric
  • Add softness and comfort

Furthermore, other types of mattress toppers in a pillowtop form may include materials such as down feathers, cotton, and polyester microfiber. On the other hand there are pads with memory foam which are more suited for people looking for pressure relief. Depending on the preference, people may opt for a mattress pad to transform a regular bed into a luxury one, add life to their mattresses or relieve themselves of pressure with added support.


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