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What Great Service and Retail Brands Do

What Great Service and Retail Brands Do | Eric Austin

Great service and retail brands don’t become great just by a snap of the fingers. Great brands sweat the small stuff with the goal of creating extraordinary experiences for their customers. This is something we work hard to do at Austin Linen Service.

Such experiences don’t originate from just witty taglines or promotions. They come from decision-making and purposeful design of customer experiences, business operations, and perhaps most important, it’s culture.

In the book, Extraordinary Experiences: What Great Retail Brands Do, Denise Lee Yohn identifies seven principles great brands do:

  1. Great brands start inside. They begin brand building by cultivating a strong culture from the inside that’s led by the brand.
  2. Great brands avoid just selling products or services. They attract people and connect with them on a deeper emotional level.
  3. Great brands ignore trends. They make the rules rather than follow the status quo. They are passionate about advancing their ideas, tribe and movement.
  4. Great brands don’t chase customers. They for sure don’t try to be all things to all people.
  5. Great brands stay committed. They stick to their values even when doing so is difficult.
  6. Great brands never have to “give back.” Their values and principles are the guiding force that creates a far more beneficial impact on customers and the community than traditional corporate social endeavors.
  7. Great brands do brand as business. With brand as business, you use your brand to drive, align and guide everything you do as an organization. Denise says, “Your brand isn’t simply an identity to promote, it’s an instrument you put to work every day.”

What is the way forward for your brand?

Decide to make your brand as the driver of every aspect of your business. Brand building can’t be delegated. It starts with leadership from the top down.

You have the opportunity to make a brand that people love — a brand that makes people feel so good that they become attached to you. A brand so remarkable that they share it with friends and followers. A brand so useful and valuable that people can’t live without you. You can’t do it if you think about your “brand” as only a name or logo. You build a great brand by delivering and communicating it through everything you do.

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