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Happiness And Linens Matter

Happiness and Linens Matter | by AJ Durtschi

Is happiness such a big deal?

Maybe it is. According to a recent study by the University of Warwick happiness and productivity are connected.

In the laboratory, they found that happiness made people around 12 percent more productive.

Companies like Google have invested heavily in employee support, and as a result employee satisfaction has risen. For Google, it rose by an astounding 37 percent.

So happiness does matter. By all indications, our abundance of happiness results in us being more productive.

Which if you’re in the hospitality business, productivity is critical for you and your guests. Maintaining quality linens and towels reflects on your brand and your customer’s satisfaction.

Protect your brand investment and create happy customers with these five linen tips.

  1. Create an experience. Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” If you have a hotel or bed and breakfast, your goal is to create an experience. You cannon go wrong with fresh white linens and towels.
  2. Don’t be afraid to splurge on the pillows, somewhere in the three to five range works well as to not be overwhelming. The goal here is to keep the comfort of your guests as well as your overall brand impression in mind.
  3. Go with high thread count sheets, with 300 to 400 threads being the typical go-to number range within the industry. Keep longevity in mind here as you want to marry high thread count with quality so you don’t have to replace your linens more than necessary.
  4. Perception is everything. Does your online presence match the in-person experience? If not, change it. Though it is costly to replenish or replace linens consider the lost opportunity if you delay too long.
  5. Choosing the right towels is more than selecting style and color. It’s about knowing what makes one towel a better option than another. To determine quality, you must consider fabric quality, absorbency, and density of fibers.

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