Written by AJ Durtschi

Heartbreak Hotel Linens

Heatbreak Hotel Linens | by Eric Austin

Although it’s always crowded
You still can find some room
For broken-hearted lovers
To cry there in the gloom
And be so, where they’ll be so lonely, baby
Well, they’re so lonely
They’re so lonely, they could die…

Those are some of the lyrics to the famous song, “Heartbreak Hotel.” A song recorded by Elvis Presley way back in 1956.

While the song is over a half a century old, Elvis fans can still make dreams come true with reservations at the Heartbreak Hotel located across the street from Elvis Presley’s Graceland home.

For some hotel guests (hopefully not at the Heartbreak Hotel) who visit the Austin area, hotel linens can be a heartbreak experience.

Hotel Linens

Hotel Linens | Austin Linen Service

Hotel linens should provide guests with the finest sleep experience. Part of the hotel experience comes from the bed-making, where the sheets are tucked so tight you can barely wedge yourself inside. They sometimes seem practically nailed into the bed when you try to get in.

What’s the secret to avoiding “Heartbreak Hotel” linens?

Genuine, hotel linens require polyester.

First: genuine hotel linens are not 100 percent cotton. They are a blend of 60/40 cotton and polyester. The polyester content ensures genuine hotel linens are no-iron, not merely “wrinkle-free” or “wrinkle resistant.” Hotels require linens that don’t wrinkle after hundreds of wash and dry cycles. Cotton-polyester blends endure months of daily washing in extremely high temperatures. Like iron, which lasts forever, these linens won’t tear, crease or rip when laundered.

No fitted linens

Second: you won’t find contoured corners or elastic in quality hotel linens. Hotels, don’t use fitted sheets or linens. The reason? Elastic used in the corners of regular fitted sheets would easily deteriorate after weeks of daily, high-temperature laundering. Eliminating fitted linens reduces complexity and makes linens interchangeable. Bottom linens are tightly tucked flat linens with corners that keep them taut and pliable. This provides a hotel with necessary flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency.

For a hotel, having the wrong linens is the recipe for a lonely night your guests would rather forget. Using and maintaining the right linens is the secret ingredient for making a memorable impression on your guests.

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