Written by AJ Durtschi

High Thread Count Does Not Equal Quality

High Thread Count Does Not Equal Quality | Eric Austin | Austin Linen Service

Many people consider the quality of bed linens solely based on the thread count.

The reality is, thread count does not always determine quality.

Thread count is computed by determining the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric. This is done by adding the warp threads and the weft threads together. The higher number of threads in the square inch, the higher thread count for the fabric, and usually, the higher the quality.

However, if this were the factor to determine quality, then you could apply this kind of logic to something like hamburgers. I could purchase a burger from McDonalds, or I could purchase one of those “Big Ass” or “Half Ass” burgers (see below) at Roaring Fork along Congress Avenue or at Austin Stonelake. They are both beef, and they are both hamburgers, correct? But they do not taste the same, because of quality.

Big Ass Burger at Roaring Fork

The big difference in linens is not thread count; it is QUALITY.

The determining factor for good quality linens begins with the raw fiber. These fibers have a number of variables that are important when it comes to determining quality such as type of cotton, exposure, color, strength, fiber length and diameter. Quality fibers often have a higher cost just like a quality burger.

So when you see 1000 thread count sheets, it helps to know what kind of cotton fibers they contain. When it comes to a quality burger, it helps to know the origins of that beef.