Written by AJ Durtschi

The Hotel Sheet and Linen Test

Hotel Sheet and Linen Test - by AJ Durtschi

Considering that Austin is a travel and entertainment destination for many, it’s only natural to wonder about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that happen at your favorite hotels. And who better to rely on than the housekeepers, desk clerks, and bellhops.

According to Women’s Health, there are 10 secrets that hotel employees won’t tell you.

1. Steer clear of drinking glasses and that TV remote.

According to a hotel maid, the remote is the least cleaned item in the room. Also, that sparkle you see on those glasses is not from being washed but being polished with you guessed it — furniture polish.

2. Avoid sitting directly on sofas and chairs

First, lay a towel or sheet down. Many guests sit on them naked, and yes, some leave stains behind. Most of the time the stains are treated with some fabric cleaner until they appear to have disappeared. The reality is they are still there.

3. The rooms are not all the same

According to Maggie, a desk clerk for a hotel in New York, “The staff at the front desk know which rooms have the best features, such as primo lighting or a bigger TV. How you treat us at check-in seals your fate, and is the defining factor in receiving a room with a great view, or one with a mysterious odor.”

4. Forget the ice bucket

When a guest needs to throw up but can’t make it to the bathroom, guess what they use?

5. Your room probably isn’t as clean as it looks.

Britt, a former hotel maid, said, “Housekeepers have a ton of rooms to clean every day, and have to haul ass to get them done between check-out and check-in. This usually means that we have to cut corners to keep up with demand. Sheets get washed daily, but blankets are usually only washed once a week, while the bedspreads barely ever get washed — maybe once or month or longer if there aren’t obvious stains.”

So there are fresh, clean sheets on the bed, right?

Well ummm…

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