Written by AJ Durtschi

How Austin Businesses Can Succeed in 2019

How Austin Businesses Can Succeed in 2019 - AJ Durtschi

In a recent interview with Entrepreneur.com, Mark Cuban made this statement:

"No business should ever take what they have for granted."

I have learned from my own experiences that things change, success requires continuous innovation. In this month's issue of Entrepreneur.com, their feature article is How to Succeed in 2019.

For the most part, the topics they cover aren't new. It's the same topics that they mentioned last year and the year before, such as branding, recruiting, marketing, automation, social media, fundraising, and retail.

The difference though is the ideas around each topic.

For example, Adeyemi Ajao, the managing partner at Base10, says when it comes to fundraising for your startup or business, VC's like himself are looking towards business owners who know their problems intimately. The point he makes is insider experience matters most.

Matt O'Toole, president of Reebok, says to build your brand story into the product. If you're only competing on performance, you're not standing out. He says you must give consumers a reason to buy. Your customer wants to know your product's story. That's nothing new for 2019, but how do you tell your story differently in 2019 that makes people want to come back for more?

Seth Godin, on marketing, says don't hunt attraction, attract it. Attention and trust are the two most valuable elements of our economy with regards to our marketing. The alternative for 2019 according to Seth Godin is to be the kind of organization that markets with people instead of at them. We should not worry about becoming big but becoming important to the few who trust us. And if it's unique, they'll tell their friends.

Why not start today and think of new approaches to how you do things that could make 2019 your banner year? I look forward to sharing some great things we are doing in 2019 at Austin Linen Service soon.

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