Written by AJ Durtschi

How to Choose Linens for a Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

As the owner of a bed and breakfast, your brand is built upon the quality and level of hospitality offered to your guests. This includes the initial impression of the establishment and an individual guest’s room, down to the quality of the sheets and the linens your guests will use. An error on this part to provide an experience above and beyond the level of expectation detracts from your brand’s image. Therefore, choosing quality linens for your bed and breakfast is of high importance.

Create an environment where your guests hate to leave and they’ll come back as soon as they can! The following are a few tips to help guide you in acquiring your linens.

The Bedroom

Bed and Breakfast Bedroom

Before you start buying linens for each bedroom, make a note of how many beds you’ll be fitting within each room as well as their respective sizes (twin, queen, king, etc.). You’ll also want to have a couple of quality blankets for each bed as well, one to be placed on the bed between the comforter and the top sheet, and the other to be placed within an accessible guest drawer or closet space.

When choosing the quality of your bed linens, ensure that the material is 100% natural content featuring a thread count of at least 300. You’re going for quality and guest experience here, after all. Also, consider choosing white as to avoid any fading colors. White also has the advantage of looking crisp and fresh and giving an airy and welcoming feel to the room.

The Bathroom

Bed and Breakfast - Bathroom Linens

When building your bathroom sets, make sure you’re getting plush, 100% cotton towels with a dense loop. Anything below these quality standards can detract from the guest experience. Also, ensure that you have the correct sizes, including bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Be sure to provide a generous number of each, to give your guests the feeling of comfort and luxury.

Coordination is key. If the colors don’t coordinate between the bedroom and the bathroom, the flow will feel off for the guest. Consider going with white, neutral, or mid-tones when choosing your color coordination. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure the colors are fluid between both the bathroom and the bedroom.

Your guests’ experience is a substantial aspect of your brand’s image. Build your linens around this rule and you’ll see your guests coming back repeatedly.

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