I Came Here for Clean Linens And To Be Inspired

I Came Here For Clean Linens And To Be Inspired | by AJ Durtschi

Business has changed (and so has linens).

Today we have access to all the information and tools we want right at our fingertips. We communicate differently than we did just a few years ago. Instead of using our phones to communicate we chat, or if you are Generation Z you SnapChat.

We also buy differently than we used to. For example, if you are like me you search Google for everything. Your search may be for directions to lunch, or recommendations for linen services, information about products or services, testimonials, complaints, and the best deals around Austin. We are not confined for the most part by boundaries like the past; we have the entire world in the palm of our hand.

It also means for business owners like myself that we have to be at our best. Because we all have more choices than ever before, we must be in the value business. If you don’t like our service, you more than likely don’t call me up to tell me you just move to the next linen service. If you are in a restaurant and the service is average. You more than likely won’t raise a stink you just don’t come back.

Today we must be creative in our work. There are two kinds of work: creative work and busy work. One is hard; the other is easy. One is valuable, and one just looks valuable. The problem is they are both necessary. Life and business have a lot of moving parts. I can’t tell you the right ratio between the two, but I can tell you that more than ever you must innovate and inspire. Boring and business, as usual, is not accepted. The customer just moves on. You do too. Today it’s more than linens (insert your service). Linens are important but we also want to be inspired.

Remember how back in the day when there was no Android or iPhone, there was no Google, and decent, quality information was almost impossible to find without lots of effort and expense?

Yeah. Neither do I. Who thought success was supposed to be simpler?

Welcome to the dance.

Let us help you with your linens and inspire you

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