The Dirt On Commercial Linen Service & Laundry

As the leader in the commercial laundry service in Austin, I have learned much about business, laundry, and service. Let me share the “dirt” on what I’ve learned. Value Value is being redefined not just in commercial linen service but in every sector of business in Austin. It is hard to find a business sector […]

Austin Trends in Commercial Laundry

If you want to stay relevant in Austin, you must meet market demand, and you must continually innovate — commercial laundry is no exception. There are specific trends that are happening right now, and there are trends that are predicted in the foreseeable future that is revolutionizing commercial laundry. Trends in Laundry by 2030, is […]

Big Data & A Pregnant Teen

I know you are wondering what this article is all about. After all, I run Austin’s leading linen service, not a pregnancy center. In 2012, coupons for maternity goods began arriving at a Minnesota home from a local Target store addressed to the teenage daughter living at that house. The father not amused by this […]

Why Does Macy’s Offer Free Wi-Fi?

In Austin, just about every burger bar, bike shop, park, and coffee hotspot offers free wi-fi. It’s expected. Everyone’s on some type of mobile device. Everyone’s connecting with someone or something. It makes sense to offer Wi-Fi if you are an Austin business. In 2012, Macy’s began offering free Wi-Fi in it’s Austin area locations, and […]

How Did I Get Here?

In the column “How Did I Get Here” various business leaders describe their journey to the top via a timeline of experiences. It’s interesting to note how many steps many of them had to take to reach the success they enjoy today. Russell Simmons, Producer, and Entrepreneur, currently Operating Chairman at All Def Digital […]

Your Competitive Advantage

Austin business owners, 2019 is here! Happy New Year! It’s a year of hope, new beginnings, and fresh new ideas. In 1985, Howard Schulz, then the CEO of Starbucks was preparing to launch coffee bars in America modeled after those already in Italy, he and his partners didn’t just start the stores on a whim. […]

How Austin Businesses Can Succeed in 2019

In a recent interview with, Mark Cuban made this statement: “No business should ever take what they have for granted.” I have learned from my own experiences that things change, success requires continuous innovation. In this month’s issue of, their feature article is How to Succeed in 2019. For the most part, the […]

Planning An Austin Event? 5 Linens You Should Rent, and Not Buy

Austin is the No. 1 fastest growing “large city” in the country according to personal finance site Wallet Hub. Austin is also known for its music, food, University of Texas, and for being the capital of Texas which means Austin is a hub for events, big and small. As the only commercial locally-cleaned linen service in […]

Adding The Human Touch To Linens

“Future of work” — If you’re like me, this is a buzzword that you’ve heard plenty of times. Google Trends shows this buzzword to be near an all-time high in popularity. Frankly, most of the hype around the future of work is just a lot of noise from people trying to sell you something. Though […]

Our Customers Are Innovation Accelerators

At Austin Linen Service our best customers aren’t the satisfied customers. Our best customers are the ones who want more. They are the ones who reply to our newsletters, who suggest new features, and who bring us problems to solve. These are the customers who challenge us, who push us to achieve a little bit […]