Written by AJ Durtschi

In-Room Hotel Dining Trends

In-Room Hotel Dining Trends by AJ Durtschi

According to Hotel F&B, Thompson Chicago, a luxury lifestyle hotel located along Chicago’s Gold Coast, launched an elevated new in-room dining program that emphasizes some overlooked luxuries in traditional room service.

Luxuries such as a restaurant quality experience, attention to details; unobtrusive, intuitive service; and most of all customization.

At a time when hotel room service is being scaled back, eliminated, or just an afterthought, Thompson Chicago presents in-room dining as an additional opportunity to make a lasting impression and connect with guests in thoughtful and creative ways.

Thompson Chicago’s onsite restaurant, the Nico Osteria which is led by the James Bear Foundation award-winning One Off Hospitality Group is regarded among the top dining destinations in Chicago. The in-room dining program now offers hotel guests menus straight from the main restaurant with the convenience of dining in the privacy of their hotel room.

To match the caliber of the cuisine, Thompson Chicago customizes its service levels. Such as making multiple deliveries to ensure the food is delivered warm as if you were in the main onsite restaurant. They also call to check in on the overall dining experience and offer to take a breakfast order for the following morning.

The in-room dining team is also extensively trained in service level and menu knowledge as if they are restaurant servers.

To further emulate the restaurant experience, Thompson Chicago’s enhanced in-room dining program features two distinct presentation styles, providing a separate day-to-night ambiance. Breakfast and midday service displays with beautiful linens, colored trays with ambient lighting, and luxury table wear. Dinner service is presented with espresso woods and darker colors along with a beautiful floral centerpiece.

All meals are accompanied with sparkling water as well as complimentary mignardises or truffles. Every breakfast order, a server will also leave behind an unexpected surprise for diners to enjoy later in the day which is hung on the inside of each guestroom door.

In today’s world hotels are engaged in head-to-head competition in search of sustained, profitable growth. Hotels like Thompson Chicago fight off rivals and a shrinking profit pool by challenging everything we thought about service and strategy. The hotels that compete in the future will innovate if they want to win.

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