Written by AJ Durtschi

Keeping Your Commercial & Event Linens White

Keeping Your Commercial & Event Linens White - by AJ Durtschi


In Austin, Texas image is everything, especially when it comes to white linens. Austin is not only the Capital of Texas, it has emerged as the music and film capital of the world, which for local business means lots of customers and guests.

Tables decked out with the most exquisite upscale silverware, glassware, and topped-off with designer centerpieces, are only as good as the linens from which they are showcased in their best form.

Because many linens in Austin are subcontracted for special events, it is essential to understand the process of getting white linens to your event.

At Austin Linen Service we process linens as they arrive. We believe that storing dirty linens is unsanitary and can also contribute to mildew. Storing also provides ample time for stains to set in and only makes cleaning more costly and difficult.

Spotting is done up-front before laundering to ensure clean linens.

In removing stains, an essential ingredient used in our process is hot water. The standard temperature to achieve our goal is between 145 to 170 degrees.

In our cleaning process, we also use the most advanced commercial cleaning equipment on the earth, like powerful commercial washer-extractors, which operate as the name implies — the machines wash and spin to extract and reduce moisture before ironing or drying.

Our machines have supervision along with built-in self-diagnostics to ensure wash speed cycles aren’t too fast. Speed cycles of 1 g-force or higher will plaster the linens against the cylinder wall and prevent real lift and drop washing action.

We also use the most efficient eco-friendly commercial cleaning solvents on the market. This is very important to our environment and one of the staples of what we do as our part in making Austin great.

As our linens complete the cleaning process, they are then stored appropriately to avoid contamination from touch to delivery.

When you have linens you own or need to be subcontracted, Austin Linen Service is considered the leader in linen service in Austin, Texas. We would be glad to serve you.

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