Written by AJ Durtschi

Sometimes It’s About the Linens and Other Times It’s Not

Sometimes It's About The Linens And Other Times It's Not | Austin Linen Service

The bedspread in our hotel room was beautiful. The pillows were white and plush. The room had a great view. The linens and towels looked fresh and clean. However, the customer could not ignore the bed bugs, and the hotel did not seem to care.

Stephanie Mejia took to Facebook Friday evening to share with the world her experience at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.


What was something that customer service could have quickly solved and retained a fan became a huge problem that was amplified on Facebook and Instagram and seen by several million people who shared it over 200,000 times with their networks!

The truth is today brands stand naked in front of their customers. Brands can’t pretend or hide.

Most people won’t tell you they aren’t coming back over average service, but customers who become annoyed will amplify their experience through their digital connections just like Stephanie did.

Brands have the ability to create utility and tell stories in entirely new ways. They can engage the customer, bring value to them, and deliver meaningful experiences to their lives.  It can be as simple as helping the customer. Brands that put less emphasis on projecting to be great and more on actually being great is a new reality. It is something we should all consider, just ask Stephanie.

This kind of transparency frees us up to become better.

Do you need help with the bed bugs?