Your Guide to Staying Cool in the Summer

Summer is here, and depending on where you live, this can mean many sleepless and uncomfortably warm nights during the long summer. To compliment our article on choosing the best sheets for the summer, following are some additional strategies on sleeping cooler in the summer and preventing moisture from becoming a big problem in your bed and […]

Why Do Cotton Sheets Pill?

Pilling is an annoyance that can plague most any type cloth, especially aged and low-quality cotton sheets, turning them into something much less desirable and very uncomfortable. By definition, a “pill” is a surface defect made up of a small ball of fibers. Though nearly all fibers can experience pilling, cloths such as silk and […]

Choosing the Best Sheets for the Summer

Summer is upon us, and with it come many hot days and sticky nights. Staying comfortable at night requires the best type of sheets that work to keep you free from feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. Not all sheets are made equal. Some are perfect for cold, winter nights while others are perfect for staying cool […]

Decoratively Making a Bed

Buying high quality sheets and linens for your bed and breakfast, or resort and rental property is important for the comfort of your guests. Use your high quality linens to best advantage by dressing the bed to look serene, inviting and luxurious. Here are some simple steps to accomplish this task: Start With the Basics […]

Selecting Quality Salon and Spa Towels

Selecting the wrong types of towels for salon or spa usage can quickly deplete your towel stock and leave your linens frayed, spotted, and littered with holes. Most mistakes made by salons and spas regarding their towels and linens can be easily avoided given the correct knowledge concerning this area. We’ve gathered common problems and […]

Choosing Your Sheets: Cotton vs. Microfiber

Sheets are a necessity for every bed, and if you’re looking to impress, they come in many different varieties and qualities. Here are a few differences between two typical types of sheets: microfiber and cotton linens. At a Glance All linens are sold with a specific “thread count”, which is the number of threads woven […]

How to Choose Linens for a Bed and Breakfast

As the owner of a bed and breakfast, your brand is built upon the quality and level of hospitality offered to your guests. This includes the initial impression of the establishment and an individual guest’s room, down to the quality of the sheets and the linens your guests will use. An error on this part […]