Written by AJ Durtschi

Make Your Salon Stand Out

Make Your Salon Stand Out | Austin Linen Service | Eric Austin

There is a lot that goes into running a salon. Guest satisfaction is not just a mission statement but is the end goal for every client that walks through the door. When even a small detail can distract a guest and ruin an experience, everything that goes on behind the scenes matters. 

Linens are a big part of any salon experience, and if they’re dirty, rough, or just old they can ruin an experience. A linen rental service not only removes the hassle of maintaining your own linens, but it keeps them looking fresh and new with a high-quality consistency.

There are several factors that come into decisions a salon manager or owner must make regarding costs and running the business. Time, upkeep and maintenance costs and growth potential are all directly related to the role linens play in a salon business.


Time is your most valuable asset. The more time it takes to manage the behind-the-scenes items, the more energy that’s expended. Once the doors are open for the day, any hangups in providing your guests with the optimum experience, such as clean fresh towels, can cost you money.


Like any business, everything adds up, and maintaining a full fleet of linens can be costly. If you care for your own linens, your staff will have the additional task of washing as well as drying and folding, along with all their normal tasks of ensuring guest satisfaction. The extra expense of equipment and supplies contributes to the cost as well. Poor maintenance can make your linens look drab and faded, which can give your salon a less than stellar reputation.

Growth and Success

Keeping guests and customers happy is the surefire way for building a fan base and ultimately growing a business. In this business, good is the equivalent of good enough. There are options and alternatives that guests can take and providing them with anything less than a great experience risks losing them as a customer. Having a team dedicated to maintaining your linens not only frees up your staff to do what they do best, but it provides the highest quality linens to your guests on a daily basis.

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