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What Are The Best Massage Therapy Linens?

What Are The Best Massage Therapy Linens? | Austin Linen

Searching for Comfort

When considering the best linens for your massage therapy business, the massage table sheets play a critical role in the customer’s experience. Quality sheets not only assist with a great first impression, but they are essential to a good massage experience for your customer.

Following are several factors to consider when choosing massage table linens:

Frequency of use

How often will your sheets need to be washed? An important consideration because the quality of linen will determine the economic obsolescence, cost effectiveness and how often you will need to replace your linens.

Weight vs. thread count

Thread count often tracks with the quality and durability of linens. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality. While this seems logical, it does not apply to cotton flannel which is the most popular option when it comes to massage therapy linens.


A quality cotton sheet is cool to the touch and soft on the skin. If choosing cotton linens, make sure to obtain quality cotton, as cheaper cotton can wear out quickly, and be difficult to clean and keep sanitized.

A cotton and polyester sheet is not as soft as pure cotton and often feels rough or scratchy. When choosing your linens if you decide on a cotton and polyester blend be sure to select a quality cotton/poly blend. A quality blend is more durable and will withstand wear and tear from frequent washings while maintaining the quality touch and feel.

Another popular sheet is the bamboo. Bamboo is not only 100 percent organic but is very soft and has a silky feel. Bamboo adjusts to body temperature and is breathable, making it very comfortable for your customer.

The cotton flannel sheet is perhaps the most attractive option for massage therapy linens. Cotton flannel sheets are warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer when air conditioning can make a room too cool. Flannel linens aren’t measured by thread count, but by weight. Flannel sheets begin with a fabric weight of 5 to 6 ounces and increase from there, with the heavier linens costing more and being of better quality.

Though these sheets are somewhat heavier than some of the alternatives we’ve mentioned above, they are said to be the most attractive option and give customers a plush, comfortable feel. This material can also be useful for helping wick away sweat in the summer or insulating a customer in the fall or winter.


How your linens feel to your customer is paramount. Therefore it’s fair to say that quality matters. Your sheets not only need to withstand frequent cleaning, but they must also be economically viable, regardless of the comfort. Your biggest task will be to balance the quality of your linens with their durability as well as consider the comfort and support.


The right linens say a lot about the massage experience and the pride you take in serving your customer. Creating the ideal setting and helping your customers relax and enjoy their massage will not only determine a repeat customer but also whether your business survives.

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