Was Everything Okay With The Linens?

The bedspread in our room was okay. The desk was neat; the towels looked clean. We tried to ignore the carpet that was worn in places. The clerk at the front desk was polite and going through her routine questions. The napkins were a little frayed, and yes, it did cross my mind that these […]

Poor Service, Bad Linens

We are all consumers. We have access to lots of information usually right in the palm of our hand. We can use Yelp to determine where we are going to dine based on the reviews of what other customers say. We use Google to research information and find the best deals before we make a […]

Putting the Feeling Into Linens and Towels

I believe every business in Austin want’s more business and more attention. At Austin Linen Service we provide world class commercial laundry and linen service to the Austin¬†area. We bring care and attention to the art of laundering for our customers throughout Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. I like to think that we […]

Austin Linen Service Is About Creating Something New

At Austin Linen Service we are in the midst of significant improvements and renovations to serve our customers even better. Our idea is always to be on the cutting edge of technology and service. Being at the forefront and leading in the linen industry requires lots of ideas. But we all also know the maxim: […]

Will It Fly?

In his book Will It Fly?, Pat Flynn shares an idea he uses to determine whether your next business idea will fly or not. His idea is for you to imagine yourself transported five years into the future. Let’s assume five years from today you find yourself at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. As you make your […]

When You Do Nothing, You Get Nothing

It’s much easier to keep ideas as ideas, because there is little consequence in imagining. Frank Lloyd Wright, said, “An idea is salvation by imagination.” Good ideas are abundant, but those who are willing to take action and execute on those ideas are rare. Most people sit on their idea failing to take action because […]

The Power of Noticing

Creating and building things is an art. Creating and building things that are meaningful is both art and science. When we understand what isn’t working, we can repair it. When we can see a need, we can service it. When every day counts, we can appreciate the moments. When we know what people want, we […]

The Thing About Success

The odds are most businesses will fail. We dive in anyway. It’s not rational. It’s daunting and uncertain. If we stop and consider what it’s going to take to succeed, we’d never begin. It’s funny that when I look back over my life and career so far, the moments that stand out the most, the […]

Thank You and Merry Christmas

Sometimes the simplest tasks are the hardest, like writing a Christmas greeting that is truly sincere, heartfelt, and unlike every other greeting in your Inbox. So as best we can, our team at Austin Linen Service just wants to say, Thank You and Merry Christmas.

What Now?

Before you change. Before you add a new employee. Before you expand operations. Before you automate sales. Before you take on that new customer you’d rather not take. Before you lose your health. Before you become that person you don’t like. Before you revert to the old and comfortable ways you used to do business… […]