Nothing Happens At Austin Linen Until Somebody Feels Something

Nothing Happens At Austin Linen Until Somebody Feels Something | by AJ Durtschi

“We are Austin’s premier professional linen cleaning service.” This is our mantra at Austin Linen Service. It reminds us of the standards we aspire to live to be the leader in linen services.

When it comes to changing how people “feel” about our freshly pressed linens, we realize nothing happens until somebody feels something.

There are far too many businesses that expect change, without changing how anyone feels about anything, without altering the emotional landscape of the company and its services. These companies are the status quo, not the leaders.

The status quo think a new service, a special advertisement, or a celebrity testimonial will bring about the needed change to turn things on a dime and bring about the desired recognition and attention. Yah, right.

The only sure thing that changes on a dime is our feelings.

Brands that engage us emotionally win every single time. Think Apple and Harley-Davidson.

According to Martin Lindstrom, in his book Buyology, researchers found that a simple smile often causes people to be willing to pay twice as much for a product or service.

This illustrates the power of a simple thing such as a smile or something you say that can impact a customer and your business.

So when you hope for change, consider first what feelings you’re hoping to change, which emotional switch are you hoping to ignite.

This is where real change happens.

It happens in our hearts, where we feel it, not in our products or services.

We’d love to help you.


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